Mikiko Chikada



Mikiko Chikada has been a Mind Mapper since 1984.  She happened to pick up a copy of “Use Both Sides of Your Brain” by Tony Buzan when she was an MBA candidate at Cornell University's S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management. She says, “I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Mind Map. I instinctively knew that it will help me catch up with the class.” She was having a hard time to perform well, especially because English is not her mother tongue.  

She started to Mind Map everything within her reach, putting important points together, using key words and images. It really worked for her. She became able to deal with the assignment overload. Moreover, her presentation skills improved significantly.

After joining an investment bank in New York on graduation, she came up with various business applications of Mind Mapping. Her clients as well as colleagues especially appreciated “the one pager” she produced for them as a summary report. 

Profile of Mikiko Chikada

Professional Background

Mikiko Chikada, founder and CEO of Tism Corporation (former MK Partners Co., Ltd) is a management consultant/executive coach, a lecturer, a writer/translator based in Tokyo, Japan.  She started her career at a US commercial bank before going back to school for her MBA.

After graduating with a masters degree in management, she worked for a couple of US investment banks as a vice president in charge of US equity research/portfolio sales.


In 1998, she established a management cosulting company specializing in strategy development.  Her clients come form diverse industries, including commercial banks, investment banks, financial services, pharmaceuticals and engineering.


Educational Background

Mikiko holds a B.A. from Sophia University and earned an MBA from The Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University. 


Background as TLI (ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor)

In 2006, she became a  licensed instructor in Mind Mapping. For the 7 years ended December 2013, she taught more than 5,000 adults how to apply mind mapping, focusing mainly on business and professional applications. More recently, Mikiko became licensed in Tony Buzan's Speed Reading and Memory to become one of the few Master Trainers in the world.  She also translated and/or edited a series of books authored by Tony Buzan as listed below:

The Mind Map Book (BBC)

Study Skill Handbook(BBC)

Mind Maps for Business (BBC)

Mind  Maps at Work (Thorsons)
Brilliant Memory  (BBC)
Mind Mapping (BBC)
Speed Reading  (BBC)
Brain Sell (Gower)